The Kingdom Story

We love protein powder.

To us, bogus supplements are evil, but not a necessary evil. You find them everywhere on your roomates desk with hand grenades and explosions printed on it, at the pro-shop in the entrance of your gym collecting dust and fading in color from sitting the window, in the cupboard of a suburban home because “it was just right there and I was at Costco”. But this exact problem is why we embarked upon the mission from God to start Kingdom Nutrition. We don’t do fake chocolate flavor. We don’t do half-full tubs of protein. We don’t do whatever “leading brands” are doing. We do REAL supplements. We start with the dream and work backwards. We formulate products with the absolute toughest supplement critics inmind- ourselves.

Essentially, Kingdom Nutrition is where you go to get the best damn supplements out there. Great mixing and great tasting. No over hyped marketing and no underfilled “Dorito bag” style tubs. They’re the best workout you’ve had in months. They’re fitting into your jeans without seeing a muffin-top in pictures. They’re the best protein smoothie you’ve ever made (are you sure this isn’t ice cream?). They’re a product you’re proud to leave on the kitchen counter you’ve curated that would make Chip and Joanna Gaines jealous. But don’t take my word for it, rip open a tub and try a scoop for yourself. If you don’t like, actually, if it’s not the absolute best you’ve ever had then send it right back. Plain and simple. That might sound insane but this has been our policy since we opened our doors in 2014 and we’re hard pressed to find many who take us up on it. The proof is in the protein. It’s time to end the reign of mediocrity and usher in the Future of American Health with Kingdom Nutrition. Your biceps will thank you.