ZEAL - Lean Protein + Probiotics


ZEAL combines quality ingredients with the highest absorption rates. You shouldn’t feel bloated or deal with a nasty aftertaste and low absorption rates in your daily protein shake. We combined the highest quality whey protein (Non-GMO WPC 85) and probiotics (Ganeden BC30) in our proprietary blend to make a protein shake that tastes like a cheat meal. Each shake contains 30g of protein and should be taken daily for maximum results.

-Naturally Flavored with Monk Fruit
-Incredible Taste & Mixability
-Infused with Ganeden BC30 Probiotic 
-Calories Per Scoop: 160 Cals
-Protein Content Per Scoop: 30 Grams 
-Carb Content Per Scoop: 8 Grams  
-Fat Content Per Scoop: 1 Gram