MagSafe Tough Phone Case - Matte Finish


Enhance your device's resilience and style with our custom Magsafe Phone Cases, boasting a refined matte finish. Tailored to seamlessly fit Magsafe-compatible devices, these cases offer both a secure grip and a touch of elegance, ensuring your phone stays protected with a modern edge.

- Crafted from high-grade polycarbonate for a durable exterior, paired with a protective TPU insert for added security
- Incorporates a dual-layer design, enhancing overall durability and providing an extra layer of protection for your device
- Equipped with embedded magnets, enhancing support for MagSafe certified chargers and various accessories
- Designs are shielded from damage and wear by a clear matte finish, preserving the aesthetic appeal
- Utilizes an edge-to-edge print process that covers all exterior visible surfaces, employing proprietary full 3D wrap sublimation techniques
- In-Surface print technology ensures beautiful print quality while offering enhanced support for MagSafe technology
- Provides robust protection against scratches, bumps, and dings, all while maintaining a sleek profile
- Disclaimer: Fully compatible with Apple branded MagSafe chargers. Compatibility with other third party chargers may vary, so we cannot guarantee full functionality with non-Apple accessories.